Tuesday, June 19, 2007

best gift ever!

katie had special skully stitchmarkers custom made for me on etsy! they are so cute. they have a grinning skull and iridescent purple beads. when my camera resurfaces, you will see them! she also had similar ones with black beads made for beth, and got cherry ones for herself. they are so COOL!

i've now finished 2 of the lion brand market bags and started a third one this week. this new one i am making for my mom. it's coral, peach, yellow, and white. nate was very happy with his rasta-inspired red, green, and yellow market bag. torii took a picture of the one in progress last night i'll post later!

tomorrow at the crack of dawn i leave for my brother's graduation from high school in ny. the baby of the family is growing up! he's going to go to university of miami, so i'll see a lot of him. (his knitted 'cane blanket is still unfinished. . . but i have time before september) he's studying bio-nutrition or something smartypants like that. so i may post from ny, and may not-- just keep your fingers crossed that i can hop the yarn bus to flying fingers!

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Carol said...

I hope you get to go on a yarn crawl! Have a good time!