Saturday, July 07, 2007

5 things from Meg

Meg suggests inspiring yourself by making a list of five things you're excited about every Friday. It's Saturday afternoon, but I figure I can still play along!

1. Look over there at that Cheewee! Definitely my pets are what get me happy and excited. I love planning outings with the dogs, playing with the cats, going to parties with the dogs, etc. I look forward to our dog park mornings more than work, that's for damn sure.

2. newt and i are going to go to key west this summer, if no hurricane stops us this year. and the dogs are going too! i'm most excited about going on a dog kayak trip.

3. i have a new pullip coming soon! i like to try & figure out what her personality is and how she will fit into the sordid boardinghouse with the other girls. (these days nina, my alcoholic pullip, resembles what i imagine amy winehouse looks like in the morning. that's all that needs to be said)

4. harry potter, harry potter, harry potter. AAAAH!

5. the betties are having their 2nd anniversary party at ye olde falcon pub this month. woo hoo! that's going to be a blast. i do enjoy buzz-knitting. we've grown from 3 to 89 people in those 2 years, have donated hundreds of hand-knit goods to charities at home and across the globe, and crafted with/chatted with/blogged with so many amazing, interesting, and generous folks ever since. i love my knitting crew SO MUCH! i look forward to every monday night with them.

well, i started knitting newt's hoodie last night and am itching to get off the computer and keep working on it! the yarn feels so fantastic. (i'm using knitpicks main line) gotta go knit!


Carol said...

No wonder you love the weekend so much! I didn't know you collect dolls! They are soooo nice! I've been thinking about the group and what you girls have built, what an awesome accomplishment! I sure look forward to Monday nights too :)

Meg Kribble said...

I can't BELIEVE I forgot to mention Harry Potter!

I'm not even sure when I'll see the movie. It seems silly to do in New Orleans when there are so many exciting local things to see and do, so maybe next weekend when I'm back.

And I'm still sad that I'm missing the Betties party!

Starr.meg said...

Camera will be arriving via US postal service soon!!!!!!!!!!lol, mom