Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Garrett's blankie!

Garrett's blanket
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I love it when people send me pics of things i've knitted for them-- here is a funny picture of garrett's cousins modeling his baby blanket i made him! thanks for the picture, kara!

the yarn is "lambie pie" by bumblebee (color: child's play), pattern is just the plain old dishcloth standby, "grandmother's favourite"


heyfatlulu said...

Yay! It is so nice when people appreciate what you've handmade for them. These cousins look perfectly mischievious!

Carol said...

Nothing says thank you like an action shot of your hand knits! How nice!

Que Sarah said...

LOL!! Nice to see your hand knits being loved =)

che said...

Thats so sweet! I love the way your page looks! I havent been here for awhile I have to say! But today I must wish you a happy 13!

Starr.meg said...

Love the colors...........the cousins are cute too! mom