Saturday, February 16, 2008

Yes we can!

Yes we can hat
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Ok, so my dad is a HUGE Obama supporter- I'm talking door to door knockin, subway talkin, sign-wavin fanatic. He gives away copies of Obama's books like I give away gum.

We haven't always had a good relationship (me and my dad, as far as I know, Obama & I are good). We have difficulty communicating positively. We don't agree on a lot of things, and go without speaking much more than times where we do speak. But when he talks about Obama, it's like he is talking to his best friend. He's excited and animated and is really happy. We have actually had some real conversations sparked by the gentleman from IL.

So I knitted him this little hat to wear while he stalks through snowdrifts, trying to convince his neighbors to get out and vote. Each stitch was a happy thought for him, and his favorite man, Barack.


Carol said...

Mimi, this is great! Speaking in the language of stitches! You're a good kid ;-)

vagabond bettie said...

Super! I'm always delighted at finding a common ground.

Meg Kribble said...

It's fantastic! And a nice post about your dad, too.

skully said...

shucks, thanks guys!

KnittingintheRed said...

Wow, Mimi, that is so nice. I love the hat.

Anonymous said...

Hey, whatever it takes! i hope he can realize the effort you put into having a relationship with him. Even though (speaking from experience) sometimes they are pretty much CLUELESS.