Saturday, May 26, 2007

a little piece of history & kitties

omg! internal organs from the x-files? a martini glass from columbo? a pepper mill from murder she wrote? how about a candy dish from dynasty?

all these pieces of tv history can be yours!

in other news, we are fostering a mama cat and her tiny tiny kittens (they're not even walking!) from the broward county animal control. if you live in the area, think about being a foster parent to some kitties-- they have way too many to house, and the current FL state budget crisis means not enough food, care, or time for the most defenseless ones of all. it's super easy to become a foster parent, and the shelter takes care of any medical issues. you just need a quiet place for mama to do her thing!

(the insane homeowner property tax cut movement is going to screw royally with our libraries, 911, police, parks, courts. . . but hey! multimillionaires deserve a big break on their property taxes, so just forget about all those services next year.)


Carol said...

One way or another, it just keeps gettin better doesn't it? I knew you'd come home with some cats *smile*

heyfatlulu said...

I would like the 'internal medium body parts'

Que Sarah said...


Now you're it!!!